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Either through a donation, through time spent on helping with a fundraising event or simply by educating other people within the community about development issues, particularly education, you too can do your share to effect positive change within the global community.

All the money that is raised will go directly towards building the new school for the children as well as purchasing new educational equipment as per their needs.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration, interest and participation.

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Believing that education is a catalyst for socio-economic change and progress, the Abhilasha (which in hindi means hope) project is a non-profit organization dedicated to change in India and throughout the developing world by focusing on education.

In keeping with this line of thought, we are currently supporting a school in India called the Abhilasha School for children with disabilities (our inspiration behind the creation of the Abhilasha Project). The School will be celebrating 15 years of dedicated service in December 2010. The Abhilasha Project team is proud to be supporting such commendable work.

History of the school…

From small and humble beginnings of caring for a group of underprivileged handicapped children, the current school has grown over the years and now is responsible for the education and welfare of 141 (41 blind and 100 physically handicapped) boys and girls. With great perseverance through hardship and hard times, the Founder and President of the school, Abdullah Yusuf Ali has managed to board, clothe, feed, and educate these children at no cost to their families, who themselves live in quite destitute circumstances.
The dwellings are basic and meagre. There is a lot to be done. A plan has been drawn up to have a new school built, but the plans have been languishing in the bureaucratic alleys because of the lack of funds. Here is where we need your help and support. Our long term goal is to build a new school that will adequately respond to the needs of its students

So far we have been lucky enough to have had a generous donor who has donated 2.2 acres of land for the construction of the new school. Our hopes for the new school are that it will be a model of sustainable development including solar panels, rain water harvesting and a few crops enabling it to produce its own electricity and food.